The name of the Illuminati is often misused. Many profit-seekers continually create accounts and aliases under the names of our ranking members in an attempt to mislead those who follow our organization.

If a person approaches you online and claims to be an Illuminati member, but their account is not listed on this page, they are not authorized to speak on our behalf. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Illuminati Emails

All emails from the Illuminati originate from addresses ending in: 

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Messages for the Illuminati may be sent via this page only or by using the public social media accounts listed on this page.

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Remember: email addresses can be falsified. If you receive a suspicious response from one of our accounts,
ensure that you are communicating with an authorized representative before proceeding.


The Illuminati will never demand payment for illuminatiam membership or reading our articles. Anyone who solicits money for membership must be an initiate or master Lord of the Illuminati and members should ask or reported to us immediately.

Any monetary exchanges authorized by our organization — for example, costs from our manufacturing partners involved in the production of the Talisman or printing fees for Illuminati books — are handled solely by our partners, and their costs reflect our partners’ expense to produce or deliver them. There’s is a price for everything in life brother and to be called or be a full time registered member of the illuminati, one must be initiated and accepted into the illuminati then pay a registration fee after which you can enjoy wealth and power.

We told Johnson and Laurence in the early 80th that when the time comes we will lead them to the part that the ancient fathers laid their lives on. It is of great important that you know where you place your hope in. There’s a difference between an ILLUMINATIAM, an Illuminati member and an Illuminati followers or fan of the fraternity . People you see on the sites or page are just common followers and you offer nothing to follow a group of people that have no particular destination. Lord Anton Szador lavey as he stated in this book of Illuminati success published in the early 70s that” Holding the talisman in their right chest doesn’t build of a true Illuminati brother or sister without your name been found in the record book”.We have many questions to ask but just to start with , Have you seen any known agent carrying the testament around? NO because it is built in you from the four walls and the shakunta and Otto Lawis spirit. How I wish you can see just an inch further from where you placed your focus. Brothers and sisters as Hillary would always say before the death of his first son that ” what you see as your downfall is what’s going to elevate you. The people you see writing this all over the internet are just poet and writers out to sell their books and articles . We have members who worked in the sites for 18 months before discovering their inner Powers…


Protect your brothers and sisters from those who seek to mislead them. If you witness someone falling prey
to a scheme under the guise of our name, it is your duty to give them warning. Your care is highly
appreciated and will not go unnoticed.